A Halloween to Remember

17 Nov

Jeff was one of my best friends from high school/childhood.  What I loved most about Jeff was his selfless, adventurous nature. He always sought to experience new and exciting things. More importantly, he cared deeply about those around him, and made sure that everyone was happy.

As we all know, Kleinsaucer had a competitive spirt, and took an avid interest in sports. “David Stern is a bum” were words that would come out of his mouth, albit in a more sophisticated fashon. Jeff expressed his thoughts eloquently, and creatively. Two years ago, Jeff walked up to my girlfriend’s aparment door for halloween in dark glasses and a stripped shirt, with a whistle, and what seemed like a blind walking aid. He busted into the apartment with exuberance: “Lonnie, guess what I am?” I stood there in my cape, with a scar, glasses, and wand in hand ( I was Harry Potter), and attempted to answer the question  – “A referee?” I answered. “No,” he responded, “a blind referee!” Before I had a moment to respond, he went on one of his priceless tirades about refs in the NBA, mimicing his thoughts on his blog, talkin’ sports. As we walked to the kitchen, I could not help but think to myself “classic Kleinsaucer.”

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