Belmont 2010 – The Fratty O’

19 Nov

Jeff and his friends started a tradition in 2009 of going to the Belmont Stakes. Unfortunately, I missed it last year, but heard it was a blast. Apparently Jeff and my other friends tailgated all day, and brought the party with them into the Belmont Stakes. I actually saw them later in the city as they came in for my girlfriend’s birthday. At the end of that day, Jeff texted to his dad:

Sun, June 7, 2009-1:10am- “This may have been the best day of my life.  And no, no girls were involved, but it was still awesome.”

Needless to say, I was psyched to have the opportunity to go to the Belmont Stakes in 2010 with Jeff and my other buddies. My friends drove from the ‘qua, and therefore got to the Belmont much earlier than myself. We were actually delayed because I had to figure out a way to sneak some “goods” past security on the train (we made it through of course). As I took the train in from the city to Belmont with Jackie, her sister, Britty, and Britty’s friend, Mel, I periodically checked in with Jeff, and my other friend Ryan. So, Jeff et al. got an early start tailgating in the parking lot, as they did the year before.

But, unbeknownst to them, the Belmont popo were not respecting tailgating in the parking lot. Thus, they had to move their party somewhere else. I was told this as I was getting off the train, as I now had to find where the party moved. Logically speaking, I would think that they would move to somewhere else in the parking lot. So, I along with everyone else walked to the parking lot, in hopes of finding the gang. On the way to the parking lot, I passed this culdesac in the front  of the park, and saw a bunch of people chilling there, none who I could recognize from a far. Three quarters of the way to the parking lot, Kleinsaucer called me, letting me know that the people in the culdesac were infact himself and my other friends. I rushed back as fast as I could, annoyed how I could not have seen them. When I actually arrived, I was in for a treat.

There were an assortment of groups hanging out in this little culdesac, with Belmont police roaming around everywhere. Yet, there my friends were, drinking “soda.” Quite the scene. Security obviously knew that some tailgating was going on, but only broke up a group if it surpassed a certain number. Klein, Rdubs, KC Dubs (Ryan’s Sister), Lisa Li (Ryan’s friend from Duke), Andres (Jeff’s friend from Midd), Vank (other friend from home), and his friend were all trying to tell me the rules of engagement – pour “soda” into a solo cup, make sure not to mingle with too many people as to keep the group size down, and don’t do anything egregious to track attention. As crazy as that sounded, people who failed these rules of engagement were ejected. Yet, we were all still there.

At a certain point, we were throwing around the pig skin, when these fratty, and I mean fratty, dudes walk up with a copious amount of beer. We all started bitching together about the hilarity of the situation. These bros were not happy when we told them that they should not shotgun (“But its a tailgate for godsakes!” they complained. They did it anyway).

After a while, we all agreed that we would take the frattiest picture known to man. So, we all lined up, and posed for the “bro” picture of the year (seen below). From that moment, we all agreed upon a new name for the Belmont culdesac – the “Fratty-O.”


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