Midd times with Jeff

19 Nov

When I think of my college experience, I realize just how different it would have been from sophomore year on had Jeff Klein not attended Middlebury with me.  The way I met him was kind of a blur, as though one day I did not know him, and the next we were really good friends who made a point of going to every Wednesday Night Beirut.  Not to mention, he shared my affinity for gorging on food (especially after a long night of drinking).

I soon found out that he was just as into basketball and sports as I was, and did not judge or insult me, no matter what errors I would make.  When I might hear a sarcastic crack from another quasi friend, Jeff would just say ¨don´t worry about it.¨  He just made people feel comfortable with who they were.

Junior year, when we both got back from studying abroad, he suggested we go down to KDR for what they called ¨Thursty Thursdays¨ (yes, thirsty is purposely spelled wrong).  I enjoyed it so much, I decided to join him in pledging that spring.  Jeff, Blake Johnson, me, and Lisa Latvia were all pledge ¨brothers¨ who went through a lot together to join the KDR house.  I can honestly say I probably would not have joined KDR were it not for Jeff pledging with me.  He just had a knack for getting people to do fun things you might otherwise not have done.

My last year of college, we made a habit of going out Wednesdays (WNB) and Thursdays (Thursty).  It just made such a good way to break up the week, and gave us something to look forward to at the beginning of every week.  I lived down at the KDR house, where he and I would attend most of the events the house threw as a brotherhood.

After graduation, we didn´t hang out quite as much, but my most fun times have usually involved Jeff.  I had an epic getting-a-job/late-birthday party (pretty much just an excuse to throw a party) at our farm that he came to the summer after graduation.  I visited the city with him a few times, one of which we went to a party at Dan Roberts´ apartment.  It was through this hanging out in the city and in Chappaqua many times that I got to know most of his close friends from home.

One particular good time was this past summer, when Ryan, Vank, Jeff, Lisa, and a few others all went tailgating at the Belmont horse race.

It wasn´t too long before we found out they had ¨outlawed¨ tailgating (probably to force us to buy beer inside) unless we payed a fee to get in to a special gated area.  Jeff promptly shouted ¨egregious¨ and started to argue with one of the police officers.  Something we all wanted to do, but no one but him could muster the nerve.  But no matter, we just started the mobile tailgating.  We figured every time a police officer told us to ¨separate¨, we would just keep walking, beer in hand.  This morphed into drinking on the school buses taking people from the parking lot to the main event.

THEN we found the ¨Grassy Knoll¨: a spot of grass inside of a roundabout where people were tailgating, regardless of the warnings.

This didn´t last long, but it was nice to get a real moment of tailgating.

Once our attempt to bring extra-curricular beverages into Belmont failed, we resorted to munching, and placing small-time bets on the horse races (can´t remember whether we actually snuck in a few beers or not).  Jeff ended up winning $36 dollars, which I was reminded by thanks to Jeff´s dad, Rich Klein who saved some of Jeff´s texts  I won a comparably meager $8, which I´m sure was eclipsed by everyone else.

June 5, 2010, 4:56pm- “ just won $36 on the horse race I just bet on !”

-Andres Gonzalez-Stewart

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