What’s your favorite organelle?

30 Nov

Getting out of a relationship can be difficult. So, it’s no surprise, then, that following a premature break-up, I was left to sulk in the corner to nurse my beer and to curse the new year. The date was December 31, 2009. And in proper college behavior, we celebrated this excuse to drink and threw a party with a wide assortment of EtOH. Everyone was there: Jeff, Elon, Jackie, Irvin, Everyone. As I moped and sipped my Bud Light, Jeff approached me in an attempt to cheer me up. I believe it can be more accurately stated that he hit on me in an attempt to cheer me up. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, that Jeff Klein, but I was too absorbed in my own self-pity. However, Jeff didn’t give up. He returned, but this time he had asked Elon for a bit of advice.

“I hear you like science”

“What?” The music was too loud and I couldn’t hear him.

“I hear you like science” He repeated, this time louder.

“Oh, yeah… It’s my thing.”

Elon was hovering, I could tell. Then there was an awkward silence and then – I’m smiling now as I write – he said:

“What’s your favorite organelle?”

There was sarcasm and sincerity rolled up in the question mark. I didn’t quite know how to respond. I’ve gotten an array of pick-up lines, but this one… this one stood in a league of its own. I was expecting something boring like, “Why?” or “What got you so interested?” But Jeff is Jeff and if he was anything, it was not boring.

“I, uh, don’t know.”

“Mine’s the mitochondria,” He declared.

“Oh, power house of the cell”

“Is that what it does?”

“Yes” and I could not help but laugh.

The remainder of the night was spent at a sushi restaurant in the East Village. Jeff set on my left and Irvin sat on my right. I ate so much shrimp tempura and so many California rolls. We were screaming and laughing and Saki bombing. If I could remember our Saki bombing chants, I’d write them here, but I was much to drunk. However, I do remember Jeff putting a brick of wasabi in his mouth. I was both impressed and horrified. Wasabi ain’t bland. Jeff is what made that night so fun and so memorable.

And the mitochondrion is, in fact, my favorite organelle.

Elizabeth Mo

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