The (Yankee) Empire Strikes Back

9 Dec

I think it is important to clarify Kleinsaucer’s posture towards sports. Yes, in most cases, Klein routed for the underdog, such as in the NCAA Torney (He was not a big fan of Duke winning last year, sorry Rdubs). However, when it came to New York sports, Klein routed for the winning teams through and through, much to my dismay.

For better or worse, I am a fan of the New York Metropolitans. This is in stark contrast to every other friend of mine from the qua’, including Jeff. You have to understand, Yankees fans, for lack of a better word, are A-holes. While I route for the Yankees when they are not playing the Mets, they route against the Mets every game, no matter the opponent (except when playing the Red Sox) . And, over the years, it has made me viciously hate the Yankees when playing the Mets. So, the prospect of beating the Yankees while watching it at Klein’s house with my friends was exhilarating.

Rdubs first game at Citi Field. Notice that, even at the Mets ballpark, he is wearing a Yankees hat.

The folly of my ways were no more evident on Friday, June 12th 2009. For poker and sports games alike, we always went over to the Kleinsaucer household. This was a very important time for me and the Mets, mostly because I was frantically trying to convince Jackie (my girlfriend) to become a Mets fan. We watched this back and fourth game, to see the Mets take a lead late in the game. Two outs in the ninth.  A-Rod steps up to the plate. He hits a flyball to the sceond basemen! As the ball goes up, I am screaming on the top of my lungs – afterall, it’s a routine popup!

Flashforard a few seconds later. I’m screaing, the ball comes down, and Luis Castillo (the Mets second basemen) drops the ball!

The Yankees score two runs, the Mets lose.

There I was, completely surrounded by Yankees fans, including Jeff’s dad, Rich. They were all laughing at me as I lay there on the carpet, motionless. How could this happen! I mean, yes it is the Mets, but this is not the time to drop a ball, not with the stakes being so high.

Ever since that debacle, I have had a hard time watching the subway series with all these Yankee fans, partly because Luis Castillo sucks, partly because I am scared for life. But hey, at least we can agree on the Knicks.


[Klein called me Lonnie (along with my other friends from the ‘qua), so that shall be my posting name. Lonnie = Elon]


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