Knight in Shining Armor

24 Feb

Jeff has always looked out for me, even during the earliest days of our acquaintance.  Back in late April 2009, after a long night of conversations and shenanigans at one of KDR’s ‘Thursty Thursdays,” I was presented with the arduous task of making my way back to my room.  MiddRides had stopped running long ago and, unfortunately, the brothers with cars were in no state to drive.  And so it was that Jeff, a KDR brother, and I found ourselves making the walk together back to campus.  I don’t remember too much about that walk save for the fact that Jeff and I spent pretty much the entire time trying to trip and shove one another off the sidewalk.  Even in my hazy state of mind, though, I had no problem remembering what happened next.

We’d just dropped Sarah off at her dorm, and I was making my way towards Forest Hall when I noticed that Jeff was not headed towards his room in the Atwater Suites.  “Don’t you live in the opposite direction?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I have to make sure you get back safely first,” he replied.  Obviously I was crazy for even thinking that he would do otherwise.

At this point, I’d known Jeff for a grand total of two weeks.  This particular Thursty Thursday marked only the second day that I’d spent in his company.  But as many here have noted, he was chivalrous to the core.  Sometimes it does not take long to know a man and to take his measure.  In that moment, through those simple words and that one simple act, I realized that Jeff Klein stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Even now, I have moments where I feel him with me.  Recently, I had a rather harrowing experience.  As I’ve told Rich and Julie, though, it wasn’t all so bad.  While it was happening, I was overcome with a deep certainty that Jeff would never let anything bad come my way.  He didn’t, and he won’t.

I am not a very spiritual person by nature, but there has been no doubt in my mind that I have a guardian angel up there looking out for me.  Like AB has said, I believe that Jeff knows when we are thinking of him.  Sometimes my mind will wander in some ridiculous way and I always find myself whispering a silent apology to Jeff for subjecting him to my strange thoughts.  But for now, I hope with all my heart that he knows how much I love and miss him.

One Response to “Knight in Shining Armor”

  1. Raymond Queliz March 2, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    We are currently working on a memorial for Jeff in KDR. We all miss him. Looking back at the composites, Jeff always had a smile on his face and made sure everyone around him was happy.

    If you have any ideas and/or suggestions for the memorial let us know-

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