And so the madness begins

17 Mar

Today is no ordinary day. Today is the kind of day Jeff lived for. I can see him smiling up above, looking down. The weather is absolutely stunning for the first time in a long time. The air smells crisp and fresh as you inhale. Excitement is a brewin’ – not only is it St. Patrick’s day, it is  also the official start of the NCAA Tournament.

I don’t think I appreciated the meaning of March Madness until today. After all, I went to NYU undergrad, devoid of any sports (or team identity). I am at UConn Law now, so I finally have a team to route for. Last year, my first year, I really wasn’t into this day, due to my disposition as an NYU Violet. But, today is different.

Man, watching the Big East torny was exhilarating. UConn made a historic run. I found my self watching every shot, heart thumping as the clock winded down. It was a treat, watching Kemba seal the game winner against Pitt. Watching UConn defeat DePaul, GTown, Pitt, and Louisville, sensational. And now, the big dance has finally started.


Kemba Walker shooting the game winning shot against Pitt

I reiterate, Jeff’s presence is permeating throughout our world. As Rich said, Jeff loved, and I mean loved upsets. And, we’re already seeing some tantalizing upsets already (Morehead St. beating Louisville. Are you kidding me ?!?) There is also another sign. Thursdays are my long days, with work in the morning, and classes throughout the day until 9pm. As I walked into my 3:30pm class, I noticed another Professor of mine guest lecturing on a subject I had already taken. I planned in advance, of course. Ipad on the left streaming the torney, iphone in the middle with another game , and on my computer , another. In a shocking turn of events, my Professor instructed me to leave. That’s right.  Needless to say, I did not disrespect my Professor.

Now, I’m sitting outside on my campus, the sun shining, the games playing (drinks not pouring until after classes). Today is a celebration everybody. I will certainly do a toast to Kleinsaucer as I consume my first pint of Guinness.  Take some time out of your day, enjoy, celebrate, toast. Jeff wouldn’t have it any other way.


(Note: Just to clarify, my professor instructed me to leave because I had already taken the class, thus making the lecture redundant. She did not instruct me to leave because I was watching the tournament. Just call it a March Madness miracle).

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