Summer CST Days

1 May

Summer conjures up so many wonderful thoughts and memories in my mind. I know it’s only the first day of May, and it isn’t exactly summertime yet. But as the warm weather comes upon us, I can’t help but smile. Yeah, the sun is great and all, but mostly, the warm days and nights makes me think of some of the best times I’ve shared with Jeff.

Jeff and I lived a couple of streets away from each other in Chappaqua, which worked out quite well for the both of us. We often carpooled to and from Michael’s Tavern on weekend nights. We also had another favorite summer hot spot which we shared together—the infamous CST. A.k.a, Chappaqua Swim and Tennis.

I spent two long summers job hunting, thanks to the not-so-wonderful economy. I often took 4 hour breaks to lay out at CST and get my tan on. Jeff knew this about me and was almost always up for joining me on the days he wasn’t working. I’d be poolside in the same lawn chair I always sat in, the one right in front of the snack bar, because it got the most sun for the longest amount of time. I’d often get texts from Jeff, saying things like, “Brooke! It’s a perfect 10 outside, I know you’re at CST right now!” Or on rainy days, I’d be at home and my phone would buzz to a, “Good luck tanning in this weather…” Whatever it was, I was always happy to hear from Jeff.

On the days it WAS sunny, Jeff always made me so jealous, because no matter how many hours I laid in the sun, he was always about six to eight shades tanner than I was. I’d jokingly complain about it every time he joined me at the pool.

“Jeff, it’s so unfair how tan you are!”

He laughs. “You’re tan too! But yeah, I mean, I’m Greek.”

On days we couldn’t stand the heat, we’d jump into the pool and toss the basketball around in the lap lanes. Jeff and I would be laughing, reminiscing and sharing ‘egregious’ stories from the weekend before. He would shoot the basketball at the hoop without a thought, making every single shot flawlessly, just like he did on the court. (Not like this surprised me.) Of course, every time he did, I’d cheer, “Jeff! Klein! LET’S GO!’ just like I had back in my HGHS cheerleading days when I rooted for him on the sidelines.

When it was my turn to shoot, I’d concentrate really hard before making a shot and shout “Go Quakers!” and about 9 times out of 10, it would bounce off the rim.

“I should probably stick to cheerleading, huh?”

He would laugh and tell me I was doing fine, despite my numerous air balls. Jeff was too nice to even playfully make fun of me. It was one of 928347239 why I adored him and his company…and why I still do, and always will.

After cooling off and playing some basketball, we’d bask in the sun some more. Once the sun sadly started to go down, we’d pack up and part our separate ways for a few hours at our respective gyms. I’d head  to PFX, and Jeff would head to Club Fit to play racquetball with all of the guys.

But it was fine, because we knew we’d be reconvening in a few hours, anyway.

“Enjoy the gym—call me before you head to Michael’s.”

“Of course!” I’d answer. “See you later!” And I’d be looking forward to it the entire time on the treadmill.

Every weekend over the summer, that’s how it went…and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Brooke and Jeff having a 'Classic Michaels' night.

I’ve belonged to CST for about 17 years now, maybe even longer. I spent my entire childhood there. I was on the swimming, diving and tennis teams there. (No kidding, friends!) I’ve been there dawn to dusk, relaxing and tanning for more days that I can count. But hands down, some of my best memories there have been with Jeff. When Mr. Klein told me back in November how Jeff used to go home and talk about how much fun he had hanging out at CST with me, I was beyond touched and so happy to hear that Jeff loved and cherished those times as much as I did.

I am excited for CST to open again in a few weeks, mostly because winter has made me a light shade of Casper, and I can’t wait to finally get ‘Jeff Klein Tan’ (or at least try.) My summers won’t ever be the same again without Jeff, from basking in the sun, to laughing, to sharing stories, to pool basketball, to a ‘classic Michaels night’ later on, all with Jeff. But any time I take part in any of those activities in the summer to come, I’ll always think of Jeff and the wonderful, amazing memories we’ve shared that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

-Brooke Sager

P.S.- NOW HIRING: Need a coach to help me work on my pool basketball layup. I want to perfect it, just for Jeff.

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