Reflecting On Jeff, A Year Later

9 Dec
My parents have always told me it’s best to mourn a lost friend by celebrating their life.  I don’t think I can do so in pictures as Jeff’s dad, Rich, has done so well in his recent post.  Instead, I will convey my own images of Jeff through words in the hopes that readers will understand why everyone seemed to gravitate towards him.  Almost all of the following is about knowing Jeff at Middlebury, since that is where most of my memories are with him.
Jeff was the kind of guy who would be down for anything.  Nobody partying? Let’s start one.  Nobody at Wednesday Night Beirut? No problem, let’s go!  Exam? Partying’s the perfect study break.  And he still did damn well when it came time for grades. 
He also seemed to get along with everyone, regardless of any “clique” they may fall under.  Usually there are those college students who are popular with a few groups of people, but rub others the wrong way.  I have yet to personally meet or hear of someone who said the words “I don’t like Jeff”, or anything along those lines.  He loved basketball, baseball, tennis, football…basically any mainstream sport.  That and his affinity for hanging out with anyone even at the most inconvenient of times can explain why he was such a popular guy.
  Losing such a good friend is hard to explain. It’s even more difficult to pin down an explanation of how that loss evolves with the passing of time.  But the scars disappear when I hang out with his hometown friends, ‘cause we all talk about the happiness he brought us while he was still here.
-Andres Gonzalez-Stewart

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