Project Bald

21 Jan


This year, to commemorate Jeff’s Birthday on March 2nd, we’ve set up a charity fundraising event that goes a little like this: 

On the ‘international’ set date: 2nd March 2013, individuals across the globe (anyone who is willing!) will be shaving their heads* for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) – the same charity for which the walk in memory of Jeff also raised money. The event will take place throughout the day (a Saturday), with the head-shaving process hopefully shared through a live video-feed from an online website. We want to have multiple events organised by participants of Project Bald, which should also include the likes of bake-sales, art-sales, book-sales, busking, etc. where the proceeds all go towards AFSP and suicide prevention. 

*Although entitled Project Bald, the fundraiser does not necessarily need to go completely bald. In order to raise the potential number of fundraisers, any drastic hair change that will encourage friends and family to donate is within the scope of Project Bald, including head-shaving, long-term hairstyling, hair-dying, eyebrow-shaving, armpit-hair knitting, etc… at the fundraisers’ own will. For those who do cut their hair, if it is longer than 10 inches, the hair can be donated to wigmakers catering to the needs of alopecia sufferers or cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy, and in the case that the hair is sold, the proceeds can go to AFSP. 

We’re hoping that many of you reading this will join our list below in helping raise money for a cause which is so close to all of our hearts, all of us having tragically lost someone so special and unforgettable in Jeff Klein. By the end of his birthday this year, Jeff will have more gifts of hair than he will know what to do with. 

Will you shave your head for Project Bald? 

Our fundraisers so far: 

Tarzan: going completely bald (London)

Mo: going completely bald (London)

Ozan: going completely bald (Cameroon)

Matt Bradley: going completely bald (New Zealand) 

Remember, going completely bald is not a necessity – anything you can do that is a sponsorable gesture and is hair-related goes. Please join the list (just tell Rich) and/or sponsor us to help raise money towards suicide prevention and for the memory of an inspirational young man. 

All our love, 

Tarzan and Mo


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