A Warm Email Exchange Between KDR Brothers Who Are Now Reunited In Heaven

1 Sep

In April of 2009, with just a month left in his college career at Middlebury, Jeff forwarded me an email from Sophie Dorot, the Treasurer of his KDR fraternity, asking the brothers to pay their dues for the semester.  Jeff wanted to contribute $100, which at the time, I thought was a little much given that he would soon be graduating.   As was almost always the case when it came to a request from Jeff, I acquiesced and sent him the money.  As if to show me that the money actually was going toward frat dues and that his $100 was very much appreciated, Jeff forwarded me the ensuing email exchange he had with Sophie.  True to form, I saved the emails.

I was deeply saddened to hear that on August 10th, Sophie Dorot passed away.  Another young life has ended way too soon.   I thought the Middlebury brothers of KDR, as well as others who knew both Jeff and Sophie, would be warmed by seeing the emails referenced above.  I pray that the two of them are at peace right now, reunited in Heaven, and reminiscing about old times at Midd.

Sophie to all





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